uPVC Window Repairs Coventry work 24 hours a day covering all areas so if you ever wonder if there is anyone who does uPVC Window Repairs Near Me? we will always have a member of our team available near to where you live. We are a well established fully insured Locksmith company with a highly experienced team trained in all aspects of uPVC Window repairs with the skills and solutions to fix any uPVC Window issues. Our friendly and reliable team turn up when you expect them to and work quickly and efficiently making us the company you can rely on and our Best Value Policy keeps our prices competitive and affordable with 100% no hassle guaranteed workmanship for repairs on Window Double Glazing, uPVC Window Handles, Hinges, Locks, Lock Mechanisms, Gearboxes, Hooks, Cables plus any Spare Parts Required and all parts fitted come with a 12 month guarantee. All the Glass we fit conforms to British Energy and Safety Standards and all Health and Safety Regulations are adhered to during fitting. Same day appointments are always available by just giving us a call and get a FREE No Obligation Quote that has no Call Out Charge or any Hidden Extras, the price you get is the price you pay. Call us, send an Email or request a Callback to get your uPVC Window Repair in Coventry appointment booked in at a time to suit you.

uPVC Window Repairs Coventry

Emergency uPVC
Window Repairs Coventry

A call for Emergency Window Repairs in Coventry will be answered promptly and initiate a quick response with a member of our team immediately despatched out to you aiming to arrive within 15 minutes. Damage whether caused intentionally or accidentally, Storm Damage or a Break-In, we will arrive fully equipped to do whatever is necessary including installing temporary Window, Door or Glass Shopfront Boarding and arrange a 24hr Glass Replacement Service. Working around the clock 7 days a week, you will never be left without help when you need it most to keep your property secure. Payments can be made in cash, by card in person or over the phone from relatives or friends whatever is easiest for you. Saving our number in your phone for anytime you need an Emergency Window Repair in Coventry will save you time, money and stress. Whatever the problem, we will be there to restore security and peace of mind.

uPVC Window Handle
Repairs Coventry

Need to open a locked or broken window or get a blocked window handle fixed? We are adept at sorting problems with uPVC Window Handles and the inner Locking Mechanism offering an immediate solution to diagnose and repair all faults that can occur with handles and locks. Espagnolette Handles are most commonly found on uPVC Windows and are identified by the square spindle that projects out at the back. Spindles come in different lengths and an incorrect size will affect the function of the handle. When working correctly Espag Handles move a sequence of locks into place around the edge of the window and come in two different designs, the Inline is straight and the Cranked Handle has Left or Right handed options. Also in Left and Right hand options is The Cockspur Handle found on older windows and not as secure as the Espag handle, it doesn't have a spindle but is available in different sizes to accommodate the size of the backset on the handle. Not being able to lock the window securely could indicate a problem with the Lock Mechanism or the Gearbox located within the Window and you may first notice this through a problem with the handle. Faulty or bent Hinges can put added stress on the handle and the lock if you are having to use force to close and lock the window. If you lose the keys to lock a uPVC Window it is usually easier to change the handle and get a new set of five keys when taking into account the age of the window, the array of locks on the market combined with such a wide variety of manufacturers. Our team can come and assess any uPVC Window problem and fix the right part quickly and efficiently, having a readily available stock of all types of Handles, Lock Mechanism and Gearbox replacement parts.

uPVC Window Draught
Repairs Coventry

How tightly does your window close, do the sash and the seal compress tightly against each other along the length of the lock side as they should? Hinges are one of the main culprits that can cause a draught from your uPVC Window and the reason why the window doesn't open and close freely could be due to wear and tear or damage from accumulated dirt within the hinges. A window that is correctly aligned should have no gaps, does your window line up properly when it closes? A leaking window may be due to it not being installed properly, in older windows especially it could be wear and tear, a damaged frame or the window is misaligned. A leakage needs to be repaired promptly in order to avoid further damage that it can cause to paintwork and the sills. Get in touch and tell us about your draughty or leaking uPVC Windows and you can rely on us to get it sorted.

Double Glazing Window
Repairs In Coventry

Double Glazing is created when two panes of glass are hermetically sealed together leaving a gap of around 16mm, it is the air trapped inside that gap that gives double glazing its insulating properties enabling it to keep the heat in. If there is condensation misting or fogging between the two panes of glass, the window loses the benefits of insulation and the reason is usually because of failing or faulty seals slowly releasing the trapped air. Left uncorrected, it will eventually increase the cost of your heating bill. Kitchens and Bathrooms are generally the main areas in the house that create water vapour and carried by the high pressure will move through into other rooms throughout the house with a lower pressure. It helps to keep the kitchen and bathroom doors shut when in use, creating good ventilation by opening a window or increasing the air temperature during cold weather are all things that will help to keep condensation to a minimum but a call to our experienced team will solve the problem once and for all by replacing and resealing the glass leaving the original frame intact. You don't have to put up with the annoying and unsightly problem of Condensation, let us carry out your Double Glazed Window Repairs to restore a clear view from any window and if you are interested in upgrading to an A-Rated energy efficient K Glass made affordable through Our Best Value Policy, give us a call for more information.

Double Glazed Window
Repairs In Coventry

We cover an extensive area of Glazing such as Plain Windows, Double Glazed Windows, Tilt and Turn and Sash Windows but also Conservatories, Patio Doors, Shopfronts, Skylights and Glass Door Panels for the Residential, Retail and Commercial sectors including Offices, Schools, Pubs and Hotels. All buildings are included in our Glass Replacement Service covering an extensive range of glazed areas. We are able to support all your Glass Replacement requirements and even though we usually only replace the pane, we can also replace the frame if required to and offer the flexibility of replacing one pane at a time if multiple Glass Replacement is necessary. Our local Glass Replacement Service Team in Coventry is available 24 hours a day with appointments available to suit your timetable.

Replacement Glass is a fraction of the cost of replacing a Door or a whole Window unit so if you have been told that Glass Replacement is not possible and you need a new Door or Window, get a second opinion and call for our friendly and experienced team who will be happy to come and assess the situation for you.