A not insignificant part of our business incorporates work with High Court Enforcement Officers, County Court Bailiffs and Repossession Agents once warrant protocol is in place to gain entry and secure premises at a pre arranged date and time. Budget Locksmith Coventry is a Local Locksmith Company that offers a professional and sensitive service with a thorough understanding of the formalities of the job requirements for Eviction, Bailiff, Repossession and Warrant work. Well established and fully insured we are punctual, reliable and available day or night whatever the weather. With no Call Out Charges or Hidden Extras our prices are competitive and affordable maintained through our Best Value Policy where the price agreed is the price you pay. Business contracts are available where trusting the team you are working with is assured knowing that you can rely on our local experience and knowledge to work quickly, efficiently and do a thorough job. We can be easily contacted by phone, email or by requesting a call back where an expert Locksmith will return your call and be able to discuss how our team can productively assist the work of your team.

Bailiff Locksmith Coventry

Eviction Locksmiths in Coventry

When the agreement between tenant and landlord strays from the contract and eviction is the is the only course of action left open, we provide a professional and sensitive service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year where we have an experienced and reliable Eviction Locksmith available for work in Coventry. Eviction work is not a job that all Locksmiths want to do, however you will find us a company you can rely on to be on site with you at any time of the day or night to ensure a smooth service to this time critical operation. Landlords, get the benefit of our superior knowledge of locks in an emotionally charged setting that only comes with a professional locksmith with no emotional involvement in the situation.

Warrant Locksmith

Budget Locksmith Coventry can provide a Warrant Locksmith for Warrant Work for Officers in possession of a court order for Residential and Commercial Properties throughout the Coventry area. Acting under the 1954 Rights of Entry Act we also carry out work alongside Energy Company Warrant Officers for British Gas and other Gas and Electricity companies, High Street Banks, Building Societies, Property Management Companies and Landlords. Prior to attendance, information will be required by us regarding the type of premises, specific needs and requirements of the work required to be carried out so that the Locksmith will arrive prepared with all necessary equipment to hand in order to complete the task. Wherever possible all our Locksmiths work using non destructive methods to gain access, deal with damaged locks and install new locksets. Any prior damage requiring repair caused by third parties on site can also be dealt with ensuring properties and premises are always left secure.

Repossession Locksmith Coventry

As well as dealing with Locks a Repossession Locksmith may also be required to offer temporary protection through our Boarding Up Service protecting Residences or Commercial Buildings against break-ins, vandalism, in the event of broken windows or maybe the residential property or commercial premises just needs to be made secure for a specified period of time. We put no size limit on the Boarding area as we can cover anything from a small window to a large glass shopfront. Our non destructive methods of working are also used in this instance with strong high quality boarding fitted from the inside which causes no damage to the frame and gives added protection against unauthorized access. If required we are also able to work with you by taking before and after pictures gathering evidence for insurance companies. Our Boarding Up Service can be called upon at any time of the day or night as it is available 24/7 even if not required on the day.