A Composite door is made with a galvanized steel outer frame, a uPVC sub frame and a solid hardwood Timber core. High pressure conditions are used to create a door that incorporates the very best elements of uPVC and Wooden Doors and in comparison to single material Doors, the combination of materials gives the Composite door a superior strength that also complies with all the required standards in quality, safety and security. A Composite Door is certainly a door to be reckoned with and an asset to any property. However occasionally even Composite Doors are not immune from problems and if that is the case with your door, Composite Door Repairs Coventry are here to help. Our professional team are accustomed to faults that can occur with a Composite Door and are experienced in all aspects of repair and replacement as well as sales, measurements and fitting. As a well established local company we are fully insured with a 100% guarantee on our work with a Best Value Policy that keeps our prices competitive offering affordable quality workmanship for all our customers. If you require any further information on repairs or sales of Composite Doors with no pressure or hard sales techniques we can be easily contacted by phone, email or you can request a call back and a Composite Door expert will get back to you to have a chat and answer all your questions.

Composite Door Repairs Coventry

Emergency Composite Door
Repairs Coventry

Call us for a reliable 24/7, 365 days of the year fast response Emergency Service where our experienced local team that carry out Emergency Composite Door Repairs in Coventry will aim to be with you within 20 minutes. Has your Composite Door Locked you out or has the Key snapped in the lock? Call us and don't try and force your way back in as you would need to do irrevocable damage to gain access. Allow us to come and gain access for you using specialist tools and non destructive methods of working that will leave your Lock intact and the Door and Frame undamaged. If you have been broken into we can come out to replace, change, install or upgrade locks to restore security. We accept payments in cash, by card in person or over the phone from family or friends whichever is most convenient for you.

Benefits of a Composite Door

The demand for Composite Doors has risen steadily since they were first introduced in the late 1990's and today the stunning range of colours and designs continue to provide us with exciting options for the entrance to our homes. Popular with housebuilders and homeowners alike there is no other door that offers the same level of quality energy efficiency and security as the Composite Door being a combination of all the best features of uPVC and Timber Doors creating an attractive, long-lasting door that requires minimum maintenance, in fact everything you would want in a door. So What Can Go Wrong?

Composite Door Swelling, Warping and Bowing

Depending on which season you buy a Composite Door, it is important to make sure there is enough room to accommodate the swell which occurs in hot weather. Although it is common for all doors to be affected by thermal distortion where the sun shines on the door all day, it especially affects south facing doors and this can cause problems with opening and closing the door. Repeatedly leaving the door on the latch can result in warping problems to the door panel in the future by not pushing the handle up to engage the bottom locks for maximum support and security. Another cause of problems is that your door may be wrong size and unable to adapt to the seasonal weather changes. Bowing can be caused by drainage issues. Most exterior doors have a built in drainage system with slots and holes in the bottom of the door that can become blocked. Is the Composite door fitted into the correct frame? Composite Doors should be fitted into their own bespoke frame to ensure a completely sealed unit that is snug and tight to all the rubber seals, if not, problems can occur because of this. Our expert team of Composite Door fitters will quickly be able to identify the issue and have effective solutions to rectify the problem. Call us at anytime to get one of our friendly team straight to your door, we will keep you updated on the arrival time and give you the name of the technician attending from Composite Door Repairs Coventry.

Composite Door Dropped Hinges

The part most connected to supporting the door is the hinge. A uPVC Door is made of a single material known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Plastic which has a thickness of 28mm, whereas the compressed materials of a Composite door produces a thickness of 44mm so Composite Doors are heavy and if the hinges fitted cannot support and spread the weight to prevent door drop, the door will become misaligned. A misaligned door can cause problems with all the other functioning parts of the door so in order to prevent further problems it is best dealt with sooner rather than later. If your Composite Door is letting in a draught, rattling in the frame or it just doesn't seem to sit right, you need a professional to come and assess the problem. We only stock hinges supplied by trusted brands such as Avocet, Era, Mila, Fab & Fix and Roto that will evenly distribute weight, prevent door drop and are security tested ensuring the door fits snugly into the frame as a Composite Door should. Don't panic, let our Professional Composite Door Repair Team in Coventry provide a solution for all your Composite Door Problems.

Faulty Composite Door Lock

Multipoint Locks that work in conjunction with key operated Euro Cylinder Locks are commonly found on Composite Doors. Multipoint Locks have a series of Hooks and Rollers actioned by lifting the handle which then lock into a minimum of 3 multiple points and secure the door to the frame. There are various security levels of Cylinder Lock that can be used however the standard replacement lock we fit is the 3* Ts007 Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock and the additional Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill features make it an excellent partner for the Multipoint Lock. It has a 5 year warranty and comes with a set of 5 keys. A misaligned door can affect the function of the lock as the Multipoint Lock can be made up of different lock combinations including parts such as a Hook, Deadbolt, Roller Cam, Mushroom Cam, Fingerbolt, Centre Latch and an Anti Lift Pin. All these need parts need to line up correctly for the door to provide effective security when closed. Sticky locks where debris has built up over time can cause a Lock to become jammed. Broken parts within the Locking System or the Gearbox will cause a fault with the lock but can be replaced. If you have a Lock problem on your Composite Door don't think twice about giving us a call as we would class it as a priority call demanding immediate attention from one of our Professional Locksmiths in Coventry.

Composite Door Faulty Handle

The Handle on your Composite Door brings everything together and a handle that is not working will compromise overall security. The latch joins the door to the frame by sliding a bolt into a slot already preset into the door frame and a sticky handle could mean a problem with the latch. The position of the latch is determined by the handle via the spindle and as the spindle connects the Handles on either side of the door if the handle doesn't automatically return to its original position, that could indicate a problem with the spindle. Wear and tear on any moving part will cause issues over time but wherever possible we repair the handle instead of replacing it however should you decide this would be a good time to update the handle, we do stock a wide variety of stylish handles in contemporary and traditional designs available in different shades and finishes all with a 12 month guarantee that would complement any Composite Door. We are available 24 hours a day for any problems with Door Handles which the team will deal with quickly and efficiently at a time to suit you.

Composite Door Repairs
Coventry Appointments

With same day appointments always available we pride ourselves on being reliable and punctual for all appointments so you don't have to wait long at all to get any faulty parts repaired or replaced. If a same day appointment is not convenient we work at all hours 7 days a week so you can also book in an appointment for morning, afternoon or evening, whatever suits your commitments. You will be kept informed of an arrival time and the name of who will be attending so there are no surprises. Our professional friendly team pride themselves on doing a good job whatever the time of day so give us a call for a FREE No Obligation Quote with No Call Out Fee or Hidden Charges and let us take care of everything else.

New Composite Doors

This is a question we are often asked and if you are thinking of upgrading your uPVC Door, a Composite Door is an excellent choice as they are the perfect combination of strength and style with superior energy efficiency. You can request a brochure or view the latest range of Door-Stop Composite Doors online where there are a selection of Designer, Contemporary and Traditional Style Doors with or without Glass Inserts to suit every type of home. You will be well looked by Composite Doors Coventry from the very beginning to the final fitting where you can rely on our friendly experienced Composite Door fitters to come and measure up and take you through the whole process providing a 100% guaranteed no hassle service with quality workmanship throughout.

Composite Door Accessories

Accessories are a great way to personalise and turn a house into your home and apart from the regular everyday parts we supply and fit,we have a range of accessories to complement your Composite Door. Numerals for the front of the house in a range of designs and colours to match the door. Letterboxes can be installed into Composite Doors as their strength comes from the Door Bars that run down either side of the door so will not compromise the overall strength of the door however, it's a good idea to check first that the guarantee of your door will not be affected. Letterboxes, Door Knockers and a wide selection of Handles are all obtainable n various finishes and shades so you can have a matching set. Security Door Chains, Door and Letterbox Restrictors plus Hinge and Finger Protectors are also available. If you are interested in any accessories or would just like more information please just give us a call, send an email or request a call back and we will be happy to give you all the details you need.