Budget Locksmith Coventry have plenty of options for you available through our uPVC Door Repair Service saving you the cost of a new door. Over time and with constant use, the parts of a door start to wear, break or just stop working. With our years of knowledge and experience you can rely on us to get your door working and looking as good as new and you won't find a friendlier or a more professional team providing 24 hour repair and replacement services for uPVC Doors. We are a well established company that is fully insured with a 100% guarantee for quality workmanship. Whether working for Residential, Commercial, Landlords and Property Management Companies, our experienced team have high work standards and pride themselves on doing a good job whilst offering great customer service. Keeping our prices affordable and competitive is our Best Value Policy which ensures we offer cost effective rates both day and night so when you call us to get a FREE No Obligation Quote for any of our uPVC Door Repairs Coventry, we never charge a Call Out Fee or have any Hidden Extras added on at the end and we will communicate our time of arrival as well as giving you the name of who will be attending so there will be no surprises. Call us for a same day appointment or you can call, request a callback or email to book in a day and time convenient to suit you and our reliable team will arrive on time, ready to start work on your Double Glazed Door Repairs or uPVC Door Repairs in Coventry. Payments are accepted in cash, by card in person or over the phone whichever works best for you so don't delay getting your faulty uPVC Door repaired, you will be well looked after by Budget Locksmith Coventry.

uPVC Door Repairs Coventry

Emergency uPVC
Door Repairs Coventry

Our Emergency uPVC Door Repair Coventry Team prides itself on providing a real-time Service for anyone who needs a reliable and experienced Locksmith that works methodically and skilfully to get the job done. Day or night your call will be answered quickly and dealt with efficiently aiming to be with you within fifteen minutes we will not leave you vulnerable with a faulty uPVC Door in need of repair, if you have locked yourself out, or have been the victim of a break-in resulting in damage by forced entry to external doors. Arriving with all the necessary tools and materials we will carry out the repair using non destructive methods of working. Whatever your emergency, we can be relied upon to do a good job and offer support just when you need help the most. To relieve the stress and restore peace of mind, Call us for a real 24/7 service in Coventry for an Emergency uPVC Door Repair Near Me

uPVC Door Cylinder Lock
Replacement Coventry

For us customer security always underpins everything we do and good quality, well fitted locks are an essential part of keeping homes and businesses secure that's why at Budget Locksmith Coventry we ensure that we are always able to supply and fit a comprehensive range of locks covering all your security needs. Loose Door Locks, Misaligned Door Locks, Key Broken in the Lock, Jammed Locks and Latches, or if the Key Turns the Entire Lock Cylinder are all standard problems that need prompt attention so never put off getting a faulty lock repaired. We work with locks everyday and have years of experience in lock repairs, replacements and changes on uPVC Doors that commonly have a Euro Cylinder Lock along with the Multipoint Lock. The Multipoint Locking System has multiple locking parts placed along the length of the door and frame, any of which could develop a fault and as uPVC Doors expand and contract up to 1mm depending on weather conditions, this can make a difference to the Lock Mechanism. The Door Lock Case or the Gearbox is attached to the back of the faceplate and the gearbox is interchangeable in 8 out of 10 Door Lock Mechanisms so no need to worry if you currently have parts no longer manufactured. Misalignment or a faulty handle can accelerate the wear and tear of a faulty Lock part so we advise to try and call us as soon as you realize there is a problem. Replacing just one part needing repair instead of several will keep the repair costs down.

uPVC Door Handle
Repair Coventry

The normal position for a handle is horizontal and it doesn't matter what kind of handle you have on the outside of your door, most handles work the same way on the inside. It's the Door Handle usually gives the first indications that there is a problem with the door. A misaligned door will put pressure on a handle, a problem with the tubular latch can cause a handle to stick or become stiff and a spindle that is too long can render the handle useless, even locking you out. Many uPVC Door Handles are fitted with a Door Spring cassette in the backplate to prevent sagging so faulty springs will likely be the cause of a floppy handle. Handles on Double Glazed Doors rely on the lock spring to keep the handle from sagging so a repair in this case will require the lock mechanism to be changed. A problem with the centre case plays an important part in the function of a door because that's where the spindle for the handle goes through to drive the hooks in and out when the handle is pushed up or down so that's why a fault in the centre case will require fitting a new handle. Budget Locksmith Coventry have a large selection of exterior, interior and high security door handles if there is a need for a replacement handle or you fancy a changing the style of the current handle. This is possible as long as the key positions line up to the keyhole and the lever and the screws all fit in the same place, you will find we have a large range of handles in a range of different shades and finishes for you to choose from with centre measurements available from 48mm, 68mm, 70mm, 85mm, 92mm, 95mm and 117mm. The most common size for a uPVC Door Repair is 92mm and can be ordered from us online if you want to do the job yourself or if you prefer, we are happy to advise on sizing and come out and fit Handles for any door at any time, or assess the problem with your handle if you are not sure where the issue is and once identified, we can give you a no hassle, Free No Obligation Quote to repair it there and then.

uPVC Door Hinge
Repair Coventry

Do you have a Misaligned door that sags, doesn't open or shut properly? Hinges can be the pain point for all those issues. The three types of hinges used on uPVC Doors the Butt Hinge, the Flag Hinge and the Rebate Hinge all supplied by well known trusted brands such as Avocet, Fab & Fix, Fullex and Asec. Our Locksmiths have extensive experience in uPVC door realignment techniques and where possible will reset the door however, if new parts are required or if your faulty Hinge is no longer manufactured we supply and fit from the above range of hinges with differing designs and colours available. Put an end to struggling open and close your front door through dropped hinges as our uPVC Door Adjustment will also cure draughts and stop the door rattling in the frame. Call us anytime for one of our friendly and reliable local Locksmiths to come out and let us take the strain and repair your door.

uPVC Door Glass
Replacement Coventry

A common uPVC Door Repair is replacing the glass whether it's because of damage or you wish to change the look of the door. We can change plain glass for frosted glass and have a brochure available with tempting decorative designs, styles and colours that will surely capture your imagination. You can arrange for one of our team to come out and replace the glass in a uPVC door at your property, home or business along with any other panels required at a time convenient to you and you are sure to be delighted with the end result. Send us an email, call or request a callback for us to send out a brochure alternatively we are happy to chat and give advice to help you to make the right decision.

uPVC Door Panel
Replacement Coventry

The versatility of a uPVC Door allows Panels that have worn or become damaged to be replaced individually. Budget Locksmith Coventry use superior uPVC Panels for Panel Replacement incorporating MDF at the core as opposed to cheaper Polystyrene filled versions. We stock different Panel thicknesses of 26mm 27mm and 28mm allowing us to change, replace or upgrade individual or multiple panels or remove a pet flap replacing the original panel in it's place. We take pride in restoring that good as new look for you without the need of having to purchase a new door.

uPVC Door Accessories

Budget Locksmith Coventry supply and fit a comprehensive range of additional security parts and accessories for uPVC and Composite Doors as for those who want to enhance or to customize on or around your uPVC door with items such as Letterboxes, Letterplates, Door Knockers and Handles all that can be purchased in a matching shade and finish. Letterbox Restrictors, Hinge and Finger Protectors, Door Chains and Door Restrictors, Spy Holes fitted to a comfortable height and with choice of strengths. Also, a selection of colourful Numerals in a range of styles to suit everyone. All in all, lots to make your house stand out from the crowd.