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Budget Locksmiths Coventry is a trusted family owned and operated Coventry locksmith company serving local residents and businesses throughout the City and surrounding Towns, known for providing a genuine friendly reliable service and workmanship made up of excellence. Rest assured the local locksmiths in Coventry play a vital role in our small family business, all our engineers hold a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the trade and we are committed to provide our team with the support and equipment required to carry out work for our valued customers to the highest of standards.
With our engineers trained in all aspects of locksmithing and beyond, this means that they have the ability to repair all type of doors and windows, the most common type of door being Plastic uPVC, and the newest type of door on the market are called Composite Doors which are found fitted already in New Build homes, whether your door is uPVC or Composite, both contain a lock cylinder, gearbox and mechanism strip, the main parts to the locking system of your door, these parts at times fail from general wear and tear or misuse, stopping you from locking or unlocking your door, therefore not to worry, our locksmiths are ready to open any doors in an emergency and replace any required parts, with Best Value in mind and offering a generous warranty guarantee on all parts for your peace of mind.

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Quick Budget Locksmiths Coventry Service overview, we professionally pick open all external and internal doors, we can open any windows you have lost keys to, replace all type of locks and fit anti snap locks, repair all doors and windows, replace door and window handles including any other parts, replace all window glass including double glazing, replace door glass including toughened glass and we board up any broken glass for temporary security, our locksmith services offered go beyond the most common requirements, it's always advised to contact us for any other service that is not listed so that we can advise you to the best of our knowledge to help provide a solution on your individual requirements.

Being locked out of your Home or Business is not an uncommon occurrence, lockouts are one of the most attended jobs for our locksmiths in Coventry, it's important to remember that it's highly recommended not to attempt to regain access to your property, to avoid damage to glass, handles or the locking mechanism which our engineers have seen many of times. In an emergency like this you may call our number 024 7512 0215 24 hours for friendly advice and a free no obligation no pressure quote, our quotes are kept reasonable for all times of the day and night.

It's not only properties we unlock doors to, if you find yourself locked out of your car or any type of vehicle, van or lorry, our auto locksmiths specialise in purely opening the door to your vehicle to retrieve keys in an emergency lock out.

Serving the local communities of Coventry is great to be part of, keeping homes and businesses safe and secure 24 hours a day, helping loyal customers in the most trying times is what we do, our locksmiths in Coventry are ready to assist police with the aftermath of burglaries to help secure homes and businesses in the unfortunate times, with a boarding up service, and repairs where necessary which can include glass replacement for double glazing units and toughened glass for business properties, along with a change of locks and door panels replaced if required, our burglary repair assistance will take care of every step for you, one of many reasons why we have been Suggested by the POLICE to many of previous customers.

Whilst our locksmith engineers carry out tasks, they are keen to share knowledge to customers throughout the process, this helps customers to know more about the functionality of doors and windows, in turn helping to keep safe and secure, and knowing how to correctly operate and maintain where required, any questions to our engineers are always welcomed, they will take great care to assist with any questions where possible. This is also a great opportunity to ask our engineers about Anti Snap locks and how to protect your property against the most common forms of entry in burglaries, if our locksmith is already at your property to carry out another kind of task, it's an opportunity to save money on having locks upgraded at the same time.

Areas Covered By Our Locksmiths In Coventry

Budget Locksmiths Coventry at all times of the day and night do their utmost to cover all areas of Coventry City Centre and the surrounding towns. With a quick phone call, we can estimate the quickest time of arrival for one of our local Coventry locksmiths to be at your location, in most cases within 20 minutes, we will advise you accordingly at the time of calling advising of your location and for your FREE No Obligation No Pressure Quote. Call our friendly team on 024 7512 0215 or alternatively e-mail your questions over.

When looking for a real locksmith near your town it's important to carefully choose the business you hire, if you mistakenly choose a national company from down South you could be landed with an invoice of an extreme amount, if you feel any doubt towards a company you can always call the small family business Budget Locksmiths Coventry in trust to compare prices before or after your experience with another company, remember our local locksmiths in Coventry will happily provide a Free no obligation quote.

All towns and inner city areas the locksmiths in Coventry cover

What towns of Coventry do our Budget locksmiths cover? Coventry has a vast area and we will do our very best to take care of residents of all towns including Longford, Edgwick, Wyken and Binley, along with helping businesses and residential customers homes in apartments located in the City Centre. When calling Budget Locksmiths Coventry we advise customers to provide their postcode so that we can precisely calculate the estimated time of our engineers arrival, this way you will have an accurate time when taking one of our locksmith services.

Our engineers take the greatest pride in their workmanship on jobs of all sizes in all areas of Coventry, because of this, if you have a fresh fit lock installed on a wooden door, you can envisage a finished result to the highest quality of standards.

Emergency Locksmith Coventry 24 Hour Availability

Emergency Locksmith Coventry

Regularly chosen for reliability, friendly engineers and workmanship made up of excellence is the reason Budget Locksmiths Coventry is a great choice in an Emergency locksmith requirements of homeowners, tenants or small business owners and even high street shops or businesses located in Lower Precinct Shopping Centre or West Orchards Shopping Centre, we can accommodate every requirement in an Emergency, this includes when locked out of your property we can quickly and safely open doors without damage, and change locks if required, our locksmiths will always use their wealth of knowledge to pick open locks which is the best non-destructive method for unlocking of a door. If you require a burglary repair, this is something we are certainly able to help with, lock change and board up broken glass doors and windows to temporarily secure the property before repairs are carried out next day if this scenario happens through the night. We have a solution for every emergency.

Emergencies don't just happen through the night, it's common for people to be locked out of their home or business during the day time, and this is where our reliability will be appreciated by many, our local locksmiths in Coventry will arrive quickly to pick open your door lock for re-entry to your property, it's important to ask any locksmith before hiring if they will drill or pick open the lock, this will showcase their knowledge and confirm whether they will act accordingly providing you with the very best workmanship, we have turned up to many jobs where locks have been damaged by previous locksmiths, causing the customer to hire ourselves to resolve further problems caused by other companies. Our locksmiths will always show customers clearly step by step of any faults found and advise to the best of their professional knowledge.

With our highly experienced Coventry locksmiths, you can feel at ease there will be a solution to resolve any door and window issues you happen to have, from a failed gearbox and mechanism to a misaligned door, our engineer will assess your door with you so the fault discussed over the phone can first be confirmed in person, it's possible that we can save you further money if you have misdiagnosed the issue yourself, this is all part of the Budget Locksmiths Coventry Best Value policy, honest friendly workmanship 24 hours a day.

Working with an extensive type of customers our locksmith Coventry team see a whole lot of emergencies, our engineers attend job requirements by Landlords and Property Management firms, and in addition work with Bailiffs, Enforcement officers and Repossession Agents that have been actioned through official legal proceedings, therefore the services offered in emergencies are a broad range to include a quick simple lock change, repairs of door faults, glass replaced in doors and windows, and boarding up of areas required. You will have full peace of mind our solutions in locksmith emergencies will fulfil your requirements, please call 024 7512 0215 or e-mail any questions you may have.

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Free Quotes and absolutely no pressure whilst calling Budget Locksmiths Coventry, our team are friendly and considerate to the individual circumstances of our customers, this is a great reason to why booking a job in with Budget locksmiths is as simple as a quick phone call. Best Value rates are available 24 hours a day, please call 024 7512 0215 or e-mail any pre-booking questions which you may have in regards to warranty provided and forms of payment methods accepted, or if you would like to know more about solutions to your requirements or our process of working.

You may also connect with our locksmiths on social media website for instance, the Facebook page of Budget Locksmiths Coventry.

Locksmiths in Coventry offering professional and knowledgeable advice

When seeking a locksmith in Coventry it's only the norm you would like to talk with a knowledgable professional in the industry, this is where upon calling Budget Locksmiths Coventry you will be talking with a real locksmith trained in all aspects of locks, doors and windows. You can have full confidence the information we provide to your requirements is from knowledge built on over years of experience repairing all doors and windows, and learning of the functionality of locks and beyond.

Our Locksmith Coventry Services

Residential Locksmiths Coventry Services

Budget Locksmiths Coventry provide a broad range of services to all residential customers in all areas of Coventry and surrounding Countryside, we work on all type of properties including Cottages, Apartments, Houses, Park Homes, Caravans and even the more modern Tiny Homes that are certainly becoming more popular. No matter the type of home you have, our engineers repair all types of doors and windows, and will work with you on a solution to resolve any issues you experience.

Remember if you have patio doors in your home, we can recommend extra security products to further secure your property, patio doors are more common in new housing developments and with that, these estates can become more of a target for crime, it's important to have all areas of security covered and we will advise on any security questions you may have.

  • Door Opening / Lock Outs
  • Anti Snap Lock Change
  • Locks Keyed Alike
  • Patio Door Security
  • High Security Lock Change
  • Keypad Door Locks
  • Bedroom Door Locks
  • Mortice Locks
  • Night Latch Locks
  • uPVC Door Repairs
  • Composite Door Repairs
  • uPVC Window Repairs
  • Timber Windows Repairs
  • Window Boarding
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Glass Replacement
  • Garage Lock Change
  • Outhouse Mortice Locks
  • Shed Locks
  • Garden Office Door Locks
  • Home Safes Opened

Although our Coventry locksmiths cater for many requirements, there may be tasks our residential customers are not too sure of whether we cover it or not, in case the requirement you have is not seen on our list, simply call us for a friendly chat about the task you require and we will advise accordingly and put a solution together.

Commercial Locksmiths Coventry Services

Small businesses can rely on Budget Locksmiths Coventry to provide affordable rates day and night, with our security knowledge at hand we help to keep businesses safe and secure, our support to businesses extends to corporate sized companies on the high street and shopping centres requiring one off tasks or a contract for on-going tasks to suit your businesses requirements, our locksmiths in Coventry provide quick reliable support 24 hours a day covering all emergencies you may experience throughout the year, you will be pleased with our Best Value commitments which provides customers with the best locksmith prices in Coventry.

If you cannot find a service that suits your requirements on our commercial locksmiths service list, please call or e-mail us with some details of what you require and in most cases we will be able to assist with all door and window repairs, locks and security.

We work with many types of businesses to include restaurants, pubs, hotels, retail, factories, warehouses, salons, landlords, offices, thus you can count on our Coventry locksmith services to cover all businesses with individual needs.

  • Window Boarding
  • Glass Replacement
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Door Opening / Lock Outs
  • Lock Change
  • Roller Shutter Door Lock Repairs
  • Fire Door Repairs
  • Emergency Door Hardware
  • Keypad Door Locks
  • Safes Removed
  • Vault Door Removals
  • Master Key Systems
  • Mortice Locks
  • Office Locks
  • Safe & Cash Box Opening

With a broad range of commercial services, combined with our tremendously skilled locksmiths and commitment to assist both residential and commercial customers in the most important times, it's no surprise family run Budget Locksmiths Coventry is a leading company in the industry. We are dedicated to continuously improve our 24 hour locksmith services and keep up to date with all the latest in the locksmith industry, in turn helping local businesses in Coventry to hold the confidence whilst running their services and after closing hours, we hope to provide peace of mind you have the very best of security in place.

If you have any doubts for security at your business premises, simply call us to arrange a security audit and discuss improvements you can make whether it be inside or outside of your property.

UPVC Door Repairs

There's many reasons why you would think your uPVC Door is failing, if your door is misaligned this can cause difficulties when using, for example if you find that the door is difficult to open and close, or has issues with locking the door itself, this can add pressure to the gearbox and mechanism and over time could cause your gearbox to fail, thus it's important to recognise these signs early to prevent any damage to the gearbox and call your local locksmith to realign your door which in most cases will resolve the difficulties in operating your door. If it's found your door gearbox has failed, this can be replaced, however depending on the age of your door, on rare occasions there are a few gearboxes that are attached to the full mechanism strip itself, therefore any difficulties in operating your door you are welcome to call us for some friendly advice on resolving any issues you experience.

Most uPVC door hinges can be easily tweaked to realign, however depending on the severity of the alignment issues most commonly with doors with large pieces of glass within, it will require a professional locksmith to use the toe and heel technique to reposition the door, which involves adding and adjusting packers found inside the door by removing the glass or panels and refitted accordingly.

Other signs of a problematic door, keeping in mind these tend to accrue from years of general day to day use, for instance a flimsy, sagging or stiff movement in the handle, recognising signs of a failing door parts and having your door maintained throughout the years can help avoid the most important parts from failing too quickly. You can rely on our local locksmiths in Coventry to advise on any concerns you may have.

Our Locksmiths Repair uPVC Doors in Coventry
Locked out requiring a locksmith in Coventry

Locked Out? in Coventry?

We can sympathise how frustrating it is to be locked out of your home or business, our engineers have arrived to many lock outs where customers have hired a locksmith and wasn't able to regain entry by picking the lock open, and then took to using a drill, in turn damaging the gearbox mechanism and still could not open the door, the customers not only weren't in their home but had an added expense of replacing the gearbox too, this scenario is not uncommon and this is why we recommend to always ask hired locksmiths to confirm whether they will pick open the lock first, hopefully saving the customer any further frustration when locked out.

Budget Locksmiths Coventry are available 24 hours a day and will opt to always pick open your door lock, whether it's the lock to your property, or vehicle, our engineers use non-destructive methods to regain entry, providing our customers with full peace of mind in a lock out emergency.

Further more, we advise not to break any windows, our locksmiths in Coventry have special picking tools making it a quick and efficient experience to get you back into your home, business or vehicle.

Call 024 7512 0215 for a Quick Best Value Quote.

Pay Our Locksmith In Coventry By Card

Paying Budget Locksmiths Coventry is made easy by providing simple methods to pay our engineers, the most simple is you can pay our locksmith by card in-person, our locksmiths carry secure contactless card readers to enable you to pay by debit or credit card after the work is complete. If it's a situation where you are locked out and have lost your wallet, not to worry, one of your friends or family members can pay via their card over the phone making it an effortless way to pay. We do accept cash when it's preferred by the customer and a receipt will be provided.

Payment methods for a locksmith Coventry service
Why Use Budget Locksmiths Coventry Company

Why Use Budget Locksmiths Coventry?

A family run locksmith Coventry company you can trust, available 24 hours a day, with engineers highly experienced in all aspects of the trade, this includes all types of doors and windows, locks and security. Our locksmiths provide customers with full confidence they have hired experts with the knowledge to resolve any issues experienced. We are committed to share our knowledge with customers throughout providing our services, therefore any questions to our engineers whilst carrying out tasks is always welcomed. Customers locked out will not be left waiting long, we do our utmost to be quick and efficient so you are back in your property or vehicle in the quickest time possible with minimal stress.

Please call 024 7512 0215 to enquire about our services.

Our Coventry Locksmith
Services Include